Who Are You?: writer editor photographer party thrower label lady music intensive person

Where Are You?: someone else's desk; at my freelance job that is dangerously close to times square, manhattan usa

What Are You?: pale pink puffy cranky moody dogmatic vegan laidback white girl

What do you make?: magazines collages photos records for other people. I make a mean butternut squash and kale risotto. a really fabulous russian quaalude or mojito. conversation. tea. coffee.

What do you love?: swimming egan holly man ray angelica peggi edith head dorothy parker pam + lupe traveling wagamame

What do you hate?: vile new york summer. gw bush. being a yank right now. feeling helpless in the face of a crumbling society and evil govt. liars. fakers.

What do you listen to?: sad melancholic cinematic jangly sophisticated subtle elegant pop etc.

What do you watch?: art house movies. live music. people. computer screens (sadly). vintage films on tv. bbc news.

What do you drink?: iced green tea. sparkling water. summer coolers. ginger beer. blueberry smoothies. veuve clicquot. woodpecker cider. pinot grigio. guinness only when I'm in london

What do you smoke?: the occasional drunken cigarette, usually an american spirit ultra light or parliament; I will smoke a gauloise if I'm with gia

What do you take?: photographs. free samples. holistic allergy tablets. advil. yoga.

What do you believe in?: independence. leaving other people the fuck alone. tolerance. honor.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in the corner of my baby blue room in suburban northern virginia

What were you?: doors fan acid taker shoplifter bad rep bad grades puffy hair retail worker tough girl

What did you wear?: jeans gauzy hippie floaty peasant shirts moccasins army jackets bandana turquoise jewelry concert shirts flannel

What did you listen to?: heart fleetwood mac the doors rush lynyrd skynyrd zztop stones who cars ramones donna summer

What did you watch?: monty python flying circus. snl. horror movies. rockumentaries. the stereo.

What did you love?: boys who were not worthy. my les paul imitation. skipping class.

What did you hate?: boys who were not worthy. school. gossip.

What did you drink?: jack black. coke.

What did you smoke?: marlboro reds. virginia slims. good pot.

What did you take?: blotter. speed. I took whatever I wanted from shops then got caught.

What did you want to be?: ann wilson. stevie nicks.

Who did you fight?: skanky bitches at the crazy horse. my parents. my brothers.

Who/What did you believe in?: music. musicians. imagination.

Where did you go?: I ran away. constantly. sheila would pick me up at the corner and we'd go cruising. we went to ocean city.

What did you learn?: more than I ever wanted to know.

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