Who Are You?: i'm Uri Amat

Where Are You?: i'm in my former Granpa's house, in Barcelona, the place i live at the moment

What Are You?: i'm a human being, i hope

What do you love?: i love sad movies, funny stories, the rain in spain, music, good people, plants & flowers, class struggle, anarchism...

What do you hate?: i hate conservative, right wingers, posh people, bad music, bad people, bad movies, motherfuckers...

What do you listen to?: punk-rock, 60's punk, 80's hardcore, pop-art, DC community bands, positive hip-hop, pop...

What do you watch?: After reading a book by Jerry Mander i'm tryng not to watch TV at all, so i guess i just watch movies in Cinemas...

What do you drink?: i drink beer and red wine, mostly.

What do you smoke?: don't smoke

What do you take?: don't take

What do you believe in?: i believe in willpower, the power to change your life i still believe in the young idea

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i was in my parents home in Sant Boi (Barcelona)

What were you?: i was a sad and angry guy with a helmet shaped haircut and a taste for garage rock and amphetamines

What did you wear?: black turtlenecks and black desert boots, mostly

What did you listen to?: as i said mostly garage rock and 60's punk

What did you watch?: i watched a lot of TV

What did you love?: i loved nice girls

What did you hate?: i hated everything back then

What did you drink?: just beer and coke

What did you smoke?: Lucky Strike

What did you take?: joints and amphetamines

What did you want to be?: i wanted to be important

Who did you fight?: i fighted bullies and mutherfuckers and bad people (i lost)

Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in the young idea

What did you learn?: i learned to be more positive, i got more concerned about people and politics

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