Who Are You?: Kashina

Where Are You?: Toronto

What Are You?: a girl with a tummy full of soda and sweets

What do you make?: scrapbooks and ink scrawls

What do you love?: ice cream, sprinkles, the colours brown green orange and yellow and the letter `s`

What do you hate?: tattoos, the colour grey, seagulls

What do you listen to?: josef k, stereolab, lung leg, new order, beulah, the clientele, life without buildings, joy division, sleater-kinney, the sea urchins, the brilliant corners, shop assistants

What do you watch?: friday night showcase

What do you drink?: apple juice

What do you smoke?: n/a

What do you take?: advil gel-caps

What do you believe in?: diy

When We Were 16

Where were you?: it was only last year! in the suburbs

What were you?: the same person i am now. but a year younger

What did you wear?: stereolab tee, brown sneakers and a miffy the bunny knapsack

What did you listen to?: see above . . .

What did you watch?: see above . . .

What did you love?: see above . . .

What did you hate?: you should know by now . . .

What did you drink?: . . .

What did you smoke?: . . .

What did you take?: . . .

What did you want to be?: living in a flat making zines and putting out vinyl

Who did you fight?: teen cliques

Who/What did you believe in?: diy, again, and always

Where did you go?: high school. like . . . now

What did you learn?: that catholic teachers are insane

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