Who Are You?: James Evans, whoever the hell he is.

Where Are You?: At work, bored. I live in Isleworth, West London.

What Are You?: Just a regular 26 year old guy, depending on your perspective.

What do you make?: drunken moves and pretty photographs

What do you love?: music, intoxication, football, love, and anything that please my sense of aesthetics.

What do you hate?: The cult of victimhood and it's ensueing abdication of responsibility for the self.

What do you listen to?: a lot. 60's stuff {The Stones, Love, Beach Boys etc...}, latin jazz, soul, funk, ska/rocksteady. Contempory wise, Stereolab, Tindersticks, The Fall, the Sea Urchins and Delta.

What do you watch?: Films mostly. I don't like to watch TV for the sake of it. Some of my favourite films include Drugstore Cowboy, Apocalypse Now, Catholic Boys, The Hill, The Whicker Man - there's so many really.

What do you drink?: Alcoholic? Lager, Sothrn Comfort, JD... found a rather potent tipple down my local just the other day called "Wild Spirit - paddle your own camoe".

What do you smoke?: Malboro lights. Not heavily - it's more of a social/drinking thing.

What do you take?: What you got? Not much really.

What do you believe in?: Nothing - but it's my nothing.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Residing in Plymouth

What were you?: A mischeivous but shy schoolboy

What did you wear?: Sportswear/casuals, baggy jeans - It was my Hip hop period.

What did you listen to?: Like i sai, my Hip Hop period. Not to be smirked at. It was a good time for the genre. You had Brand Nubian, KMD, Gangstarr, Tribe called Quest.... I was aslo listening to my dad's old jazz albums.

What did you watch?: My favourite films were The Untouchables, Zulu, The Hill, antything with Michael Caine. On tv Northen Exposure, Whose line is it anyway - can't recall much else.

What did you love?: Football. The square girl up the road.

What did you hate?: Maths.

What did you drink?: Alcoholic? Cider, thunderbird.

What did you smoke?: Cafe creme cigars. Very rarely i hasten to add.

What did you take?: I got stoned a few times. They were generally innocent times

What did you want to be?: Great

Who did you fight?: I wasn't exactley physically equiped for such pursuits. Authority maybe.

Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing - but it was my nothing.

Where did you go?: The park to play football - A friends house to Play table tennis amd computer games, Coffe Plus in town to smoke and drink coffee, Ritzy's - it was a limited existance.

What did you learn?: That life is beyond my control.

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