Who Are You?: i am sarah

Where Are You?: leeds, uk

What Are You?: female, human, 5'2", british, shy around strangers

What do you make?: mess, noise, people annoyed

What do you love?: knowledge, ice cream, hugs, hodgehegs, having no worries, reading, feeling loved, the smell of fresh warm bread

What do you hate?: spiders, lonelyness, dirt, rubbish, popular culture, children, meat, cruelty, apathy

What do you listen to?: alternative / indie / rock etc - ooberman, bright eyes, manics, b&s, yeah yeah yeahs, suede, pulp, portishead, radiohead, strangelove, massive attack and so on

What do you watch?: not a lot

What do you drink?: grape juice

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: anti depressants, vitamin pills, painkillers (this week)

What do you believe in?: reincarnation, psychic powers, divinity of the universe, equality of all lifeforms, abortion, euthanasia, freedom of speech / religion etc

When We Were 16

Where were you?: bradford *shudder*

What were you?: very depressed, at college, having sex with my first boyfriend

What did you wear?: black. band tshirts. jeans.

What did you listen to?: marilyn manson, manics, type o negative, suede, korn, nirvana, hole

What did you watch?: south park, fraser, red dwarf

What did you love?: yoghurt, my media studies course, going out on friday night

What did you hate?: parents, me, life, brother, depression, school, sociology course

What did you drink?: large amounts of vodka and coke

What did you smoke?: i gave up when i was 16. it was b&h

What did you take?: nothing i think. i dont believe i was on antidepressants at 16, i gave them up at 15

What did you want to be?: happy, away from my parents, thin, having sex

Who did you fight?: my parents

Who/What did you believe in?: private education is evil. god doesnt exist

Where did you go?: to rios to get very drunk. and to the lake district for a weekend

What did you learn?: my parents are very very strange, large amounts of vodka is not good, psychology was not for me, sex is very good, its helpful to program websites that include pictures - they look a bit less amateurish that way

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