Who Are You?: soda

Where Are You?: home in leederville

What Are You?: a girl

What do you make?: websites zines and mixtapes

What do you love?: spring films the boys i know stationary mail photos

What do you hate?: summer pens that dont work annoying people

What do you listen to?: music my friends other peoples conversations

What do you watch?: people television films ants

What do you drink?: beer juice water lemonade

What do you smoke?: i dont

What do you take?: advice

What do you believe in?: im not sure

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school

What were you?: tired

What did you wear?: a green uniform

What did you listen to?: local music my friends my art teacher

What did you watch?: television films people

What did you love?: art biology classes my friends perth

What did you hate?: maths people at my school

What did you drink?: water

What did you smoke?: i didnt

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: a film maker

Who did you fight?: my mum

Who/What did you believe in?: my friends my heros

Where did you go?: school home all ages gigs

What did you learn?: i cant remember

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