Who Are You?: Boy at the university who never seems to get finished with my studies.

Where Are You?: At home

What Are You?: Pretty stressed.

What do you make?: I make my life. My lifeăs a fuckin artform.

What do you love?: I love my girl, the music i listen to, friends, my mum, some other nice things like spending time on the road and watching new things and stuff. I love to learn about new things.

What do you hate?: eeeehh...actually when I think about it I donăt like really hate that much. Iăm constantly annoyed with persons/things/situations but I rarely hate things. oh, by the way now I know, I really hate when things I want to be really good show up to be really shite. I hate that. I hate being disappointed.

What do you listen to?: Music

What do you watch?: Movies, documentaries, to much crap.

What do you drink?: Nowadays mostly water. When I drink I drink the "toomuch" kinda drink.

What do you smoke?: Nothing, I fucking hate smokers.(I hate!)

What do you take?: aaaaah..nothing. What do I fake?

What do you believe in?: yeeeeaahh....uuummmm I believe in steven patricks holiness and unreachable wisdom. I also believe that Wilde is on my side.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at some shite town, in some shite school, god it makes me depressed to think about.

What were you?: A fucking idiot, a fighter and a troublemaker, like a james dean without the looks and charm.

What did you wear?: Ugly fuckin eighties lewis and adidas neon type jackets.

What did you listen to?: like guns and roses and summer reggae

What did you watch?: Every fuckin lousy movie ever made. Like Action Jackson(anybody remember? Iăm sorry for you) or Robocop.

What did you love?: my dog and a girl called Heidi who actually had great tits.

What did you hate?: Everybody who wasnăt my friends. I hated the whole fucking world.

What did you drink?: Beer.

What did you smoke?: Nothing. I fucking hated smokers.

What did you take?: I stole candy, pencils, little things, nothing big.

What did you want to be?: A millionaire

Who did you fight?: I fought several guys. One big fat one, one latinoguy, a guy one year older than I, my best friend once,

Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in fighting.

Where did you go?: Everywhere there was trouble.

What did you learn?: Donăt hang out with the wrong guys, donăt drink when youăre young, donăt drink too much, donăt have unprotected sex.

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