Who Are You?: Jeff Barker

Where Are You?: Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A.

What Are You?: A graduate student and (musician by avocation)

What do you make?: Define your terms: in terms of production, I am researching international law; in terms of what I earn (make money), I receive payment now as a research assistant to a professor. I also make musical recordins, some of which can be found at http://www.MP3.com/jmarlinbarker

What do you love?: I love my family; I feel love for my girlfriend and my cat; I love autumn and the sound of the ocean. I also love music and movies. I love freedom, especially of religion, when it is genuinely real. I love mythology of various world cultures, and I love learning about the Judeo-Christian religions, Budhism, Hinduism, and other traditions.

What do you hate?: I hate humid summer heat; I hate Islam and brainwashed cults; I hate ignorant mass media and unclever popular culture; I hate politcal correctness; I hate the banality of today's Hollywood icons.

What do you listen to?: English "Brit-Pop," shoegazers, ambient electronica and dance; psychedelia; also early punk rock, 80s new wave and post-punk; and to vintage rockabilly and old American country music; to a lesser extent, I listen to orchestral music (classical for lack of better word) and to also to tango and other Latin American forms of music.

What do you watch?: I watch American football games; I watch films by directors such as David Lynch; Stanley Kubrick; Martin Scorsese; Hitchcock; animation; westerns; Hong Kong directors like John Woo.

What do you drink?: Beer...especially German hefe weise, Samuel Adams, Anchor Steam; I also try Single Malt scotches occassionally; I like wines but would like to learn more about them; gin and tonics, particularly Bombay Saphire; besides alcoholic beverages, I of course drink lots of Apollanaris and tap water.

What do you smoke?: It's a secret...

What do you take?: I take insulin, for I have type-one diabetes.

What do you believe in?: I believe in trying to balance wholesome productivity with occasional bouts of debauchery. In some mysterious, difficult way to convey, I still believe in the protestant Christian religious traditions in which I was raised; but I am open-minded and have attended my girlfriend's Catholic church a few times.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: When I was 16 I lived in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

What were you?: I was rebellious, yet naive about being priveleged; I was impulsive and tried to be funny; I had a slapstick sense of humor; I was a very good painter and electric bass player. I was sensitive and did not have much luck with getting dates. I ran track and lifted weights.

What did you wear?: Jeans; t-shirts with band names and pictures on them such as Echo & the Bunnymen and the Smiths.

What did you listen to?: Echo & the Bunnymen; early Rolling Stones; Joy Division; New Order; the Cure; Bauhaus and Tones on Tail; occasionally James Brown and George Clinton.

What did you watch?: Not much other than Monty Python; music videos; David Letterman; liked A Clockwork Orange very much and also Alfred Hitchcock.

What did you love?: Bugs Bunny; drawing my own cartoons and painting; listening to music; I did not really yet understand "love" in the context of having girlfriends...crushes on girls and mistaking it as "love"!

What did you hate?: I hated heavy metal and much of American pop music; I hated much of seventies culture. I hated the challenge of being shy and emotionally sensitive. I hated bullying and feeling threatened by rivals or just hooligans. I hated rejection and feeling lonely. I hated school from time to time.

What did you drink?: Any beer I could have gotten at parties.

What did you smoke?: From time to time, Camels or whatever I bummed off friends.

What did you take?: I wish I could tell you...

What did you want to be?: An underground sort of rock n' roll star...or like a Keith Richards success; I thought about being a writer of fiction or poetry.

Who did you fight?: Someone who started dating the girl of whom I was obsessed. I punched him good a few times in the face until it was broken up. Later, he and a group of misfits threw a bottle at my car's windshield and kicked dents in my door.

Who/What did you believe in?: Ambivalent: I felt somewhat agnostic then, or uncertain; yet I still did think I was Christian sometimes.

Where did you go?: Driving to "alternative" clubs and bars in run down old parts of Tampa's downtown. I went to movies.

What did you learn?: The only lasting things I learned: fond memories of friends and family; in terms of skills I learned to perform music and how to write criticism. I got burned often and started a voyage on learning who I could trust.

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