Who Are You?: i am a 20 years old boy with a french t-shirt with horizontal blue strips on it, like the one you'd see at an harbor.

Where Are You?: in quebec city, canada. in a suburb. in st-louis-de-france, the city that i love and hate equally.

What Are You?: i'm an history of arts student, an indie kid, a pain in the ass, a music addict, a comic book junkie...

What do you make?: zines, ludicrous comments, posters for all tommorow's parties, drawings.

What do you love?: my girlfriend and muse, my friends, my record collection, my photos, stuart murdoch, my comics, my movies/dvds, my wooly bed sheets, my old "cahiers du cinéma", beer, my rubix cube, my worn out jeans, my job, sex, "ghost world", my gf's pajamas/undies.

What do you hate?: -isms, indifference, cars, neo-hippies, sXe, trendies, capitalism, cancer.

What do you listen to?: belle and sebastian, stereolab, lali puna, the notwist, talking heads, the field mice, blur, death cab for cutie, felt, the VU, the smiths, boards of canada, broadcast, wendy & bonnie, the castaways............ etc.

What do you watch?: cheesy wb comics on teletoon, the simpsons, gilmore girls, french film from the 60tes, british comedies, wim wender's films, experimental animation, films from my childhood, like the goonies.

What do you drink?: tea, pastis, beer, coffee (morning), cranberry juice & vodka.

What do you smoke?: fags when i had a drink. or two.

What do you take?: what do you mean ? like drugs ? maybe pot once in a while... then i watch a movie.

What do you believe in?: in believe in the ephemeral.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place as i am right now.

What were you?: a nerd.

What did you wear?: too fitted jeans and music t-shirts. oh yeah, and oxford shirts.

What did you listen to?: the early genesis albums, 60tes british pop music, britpop.

What did you watch?: too many black and white films. and cartoons.

What did you love?: i loved star trek a heck of a lot more than i should have. to write short stories, to draw in my agenda, to shoot movies in school.

What did you hate?: bullies, rich kids, indifference... pretty much the same as above.

What did you drink?: since i couldn't stand beer until recently, like, strong stuff. like rhum or vodka. so i got sick quite a few times.

What did you smoke?: pot.

What did you take?: e. a few times when i went to mad baggy parties.

What did you want to be?: a film director and/or a music journalist.

Who did you fight?: my parents and sister.

Who/What did you believe in?: in love, in cinema, in creativity, in the ephemeral pleasures.

Where did you go?: to a private, catholic school.

What did you learn?: i learned that what people are 16, the way they act, theirt attitude, they are very likely to be at 50. you can tell very early on how a person will turn out... for better or worse.

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