Who Are You?: Sarah

Where Are You?: At work in London

What Are You?: Nearly 30. Confused (still). Frustrated (still). Happy (almost)

What do you make?: Television

What do you love?: Cocker spaniels. Bacon sandwiches. Being warm. Drinking with friends. Riding over the Walthamstow marshes on frosty mornings.

What do you hate?: Unflexible thinkers. Boredom. Goats cheese.

What do you listen to?: Not so much anymore - Studio One. White Stripes (who doesn't?). We Love Life (Pulp). ESG. The mAKE UP. Subway Sect.

What do you watch?: Anything - I like to think its "research"

What do you drink?: Beer. Vodka. Wine. Don't touch gin. Avoid champagne (I've learned)

What do you smoke?: Fags sometimes

What do you take?: No crap (well maybe just a bit of crap...)

What do you believe in?: Urrrmmmm....

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Darkest South Wales

What were you?: A schoolgirl

What did you wear?: Oversised cardigans, short skirts, DM boots, too much hairspray

What did you listen to?: My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, The House of Love, The Pastels

What did you watch?: Anything

What did you love?: Getting wasted. Music. My friends.

What did you hate?: Getting grounded

What did you drink?: Anything they'd serve me - usually snakebite and black

What did you smoke?: Fags sometimes

What did you take?: The piss

What did you want to be?: Just wanted to get the hell out - my ambition stretched no further

Who did you fight?: Parents / brothers

Who/What did you believe in?: Bobby Gilespie

Where did you go?: To Cardiff to gigs. To the Boars Head in Brecon on weekends

What did you learn?: The power of friendship

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