Who Are You?: Mario Campos

Where Are You?: somewhere beautiful and boring and backwards.

What Are You?: I don't know,really.

What do you make?: I watch movies and dance and spend money.

What do you love?: watching a movie while absent mindedly getting closer and closer to the screen and jumping a bit,and I love to forget about the food when I'm eating.Sentai Rangers.

What do you hate?: I hate it when I don't know if I like something.It really means that I don't like it, but I feel the invisible pressure of people who like it.I hate helping people I don't know. I hate feeling like an artist or an historic character that only gets bad critics in the books.

What do you listen to?: right now, Curtis Mayfield and Ennio Morricone. I've spent a few weeks listening electro and giorgio moroder but am now frustrated because I can't go dance here.

What do you watch?: Max Headroom, VH1's "so 80's",shojo kakumei Utena

What do you drink?: orange juice

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: Vitamin C, Dextrometorphan and psylocibin

What do you believe in?: I used to believe in some kind of holographic cosmic unity or something a year ago. Right now, I believe in Ultraman

When We Were 16

Where were you?: exactly the same beautiful boring backwards place.

What were you?: stupid,cruel and kinda narrow-minded, but with a taste for weird stuff

What did you wear?: horribly baggy skatewear

What did you listen to?: the prodigy and some crap punk

What did you watch?: anime

What did you love?: weird anime and aggressive things

What did you hate?: a lot of things

What did you drink?: tequila

What did you smoke?: hash

What did you take?: the bus

What did you want to be?: japanese

Who did you fight?: my parents, mostly

Who/What did you believe in?: the prodigy

Where did you go?: some manga conventions. I won a karaoke prize.

What did you learn?: something I've already forgotten. Damn!

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