Who Are You?: I'm Andrew.

Where Are You?: I'm at work.

What Are You?: I'm a computer support analyst.

What do you make?: I make music and poems and photographs.

What do you love?: I love my wife and my children and my family.

What do you hate?: I hate my job.

What do you listen to?: I listen to everything.

What do you watch?: Movies, comedy, documentaries.

What do you drink?: Wine, lager, whisky, absinthe.

What do you smoke?: The occasional cigarette, the even more occasional spliff.

What do you take?: The mickey.

What do you believe in?: Very little any more.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Acklam Sixth Form College, Middlesbrough.

What were you?: A-Level Student.

What did you wear?: Tight jeans, stripy tee-shirts, deck shoes, big hair.

What did you listen to?: The Cure, Bauhaus, Prefab Sprout, Aztec Camera.

What did you watch?: The Young Ones.

What did you love?: Playing the guitar.

What did you hate?: Playing the violin.

What did you drink?: Guinness.

What did you smoke?: Marlboro Red.

What did you take?: The mickey.

What did you want to be?: A rock 'n' roll star.

Who did you fight?: Nobody.

Who/What did you believe in?: Very little.

Where did you go?: Ossie's or The Empire or The Albert in Middlesbrough.

What did you learn?: Nothing I could possible apply now.

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