Who Are You?: Claude

Where Are You?: Manchester

What Are You?: student

What do you make?: observations, people laugh ocassionl

What do you love?: books, art, music, people, pretension

What do you hate?: Intelligent people how are irrational because it's easier, people who say it's selfish not to have kids, people who let self-interest govern them, intellectual snobs who believe stupidity precludes someone from being worthwhile, the nostalgia this form will invoke when I stumble across it in years to come

What do you listen to?: shostakovich, nina simone, tallis, orbital, tom waits, nick cave, fats waller, some people this question is much to vague

What do you watch?: cinema paradiso, hi fidelity, 7 samurai, romeo and juliet, withnail and I, no tv

What do you drink?: cointreau, ice tea, water

What do you smoke?: I sing

What do you take?: advice, shit

What do you believe in?: cynicism, the power of apathy, the strength of inertia, self-interest, god (deist)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Winchester

What were you?: Student

What did you wear?: lots of black, big self-obsessed trousers, a fake frown

What did you listen to?: Placebo because it seemed so angsty and baaaad

What did you watch?: other people so I could be like them, tv

What did you love?: a whole string of people in vain,

What did you hate?: myself, stupid people, my father

What did you drink?: whatever I could lay my hands on, frankly

What did you smoke?: rollies

What did you take?: lots of dope

What did you want to be?: a hack

Who did you fight?: everyone who thought I could do better, injustice

Who/What did you believe in?: I don't think my value system went that far, actually

Where did you go?: nowhere, fast

What did you learn?: in the interim, lots, at the time, jack all. Except that a squid-eating dough in a polyethalene bag is fast, and bulbous

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