Who Are You?: a one and only

Where Are You?: in my own reality, at my second home, work, close to the c.n. tower

What Are You?: tired and lonely nursing a broken heart

What do you make?: meaningful things

What do you love?: life, love, all the pain and the joy of it physics, coincidences, miracles my guitar, my friends, my scooter

What do you hate?: anger, judgement, chinatown at rush hour which involves lots of anger and judgement

What do you listen to?: 60s mod, superchunk, gsybe!, the wind

What do you watch?: people

What do you drink?: g n t, beer, tea

What do you smoke?: smokes. although i am trying not to. just generally not a good idea as i get older.

What do you take?: a lot of shit from other people

What do you believe in?: that no one has the answers and if everyone just shut up, really listened and stopped judging each other, we'd have a nicer place.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in highschool. in a band

What were you?: innocent

What did you wear?: docs, jeans, homemade band t-shirts

What did you listen to?: sonic youth, pavement, redd kross, my mother

What did you watch?: people. some things never change

What did you love?: the world, music, my band.

What did you hate?: the world, rap music, jocks, the tragically hip, my math teacher, my chemistry teacher, doing the dishes

What did you drink?: pop, juice, tea

What did you smoke?: didn't

What did you take?: too much shit from other people

What did you want to be?: a rockstar

Who did you fight?: myself

Who/What did you believe in?: that i could be anything and anyone i wanted to. that people were basically good at the core.

Where did you go?: i don't know. i think i am still here.

What did you learn?: that everyone deserves love and kindness, but not everyone deserves my love and kindness. well...still learning that one.

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