Who Are You?: Male. Heterosexual. White. Swedish. Tall. Insecure. European. Student. Twenty-something.

Where Are You?: In some obscure state of Holden Caulfield-ism. Can't seem to pick up the phone any more.

What Are You?: A huge lump of organic matter, ingeniously organized by all these little Watson-Crick'ers.

What do you make?: My own time. Some kind of knowledge pertaining to future careers. Photos. Fabricated experiences.

What do you love?: I would rather want it to be "who". Wouldn't you?

What do you hate?: This thing. Right now. Not knowing who to.

What do you listen to?: Messiaen, Andriessen, Gubaidulina, Kancheli, Stravinsky, Finnissy, Feldman, Cardew, AMM.

What do you watch?: Gilles Peress' "Farewell to Bosnia" at the moment. Anders Petersen's "du mich auch" is also worth investigating.

What do you drink?: Lapsang souchong and Laphroaig. The occasional Rioja and Sangiovese.

What do you smoke?: Nothing.

What do you take?: Sounds and images. Addiction is strong.

What do you believe in?: The possibility of doing good.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Rougly 200 km from where I am now.

What were you?: Less complicated, actually. In a different social centext.

What did you wear?: This does not matter at all.

What did you listen to?: Metallica, Nirvana, Bad Religion.

What did you watch?: Television; without judgement.

What did you love?: Knowing things can be both like you want them to and not like you want them to. Striving for the former.

What did you hate?: Prejudicial superiors, parents, teachers, friends.

What did you drink?: Beer. The occasional moonshine.

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: Can't remember. Nothing dangerous, any way.

What did you want to be?: I had not the faintest idea.

Who did you fight?: Never had to fight. Either I ran away, or I sought refuge in myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: Never had any faith. Maybe in the power of friendship.

Where did you go?: To school. The library. Go skating. Visiting friends. Where you were not supposed to go.

What did you learn?: That people change.

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