Who Are You?: Alan

Where Are You?: A happy place

What Are You?: An observer trying to master cold indifference

What do you make?: Waves

What do you love?: Love

What do you hate?: Hate

What do you listen to?: Other peoples conversations

What do you watch?: Whatever I see

What do you drink?: Caffeine, Often

What do you take?:

What do you believe in?: Everything

When We Were 16

Where were you?: An unhappy place

What were you?: Frantic

What did you wear?: My heart on my sleeve

What did you listen to?: A chorus of dissent

What did you watch?: Others having fun

What did you love?: I hadn't learned how

What did you hate?: Everything... & Everyone

What did you drink?: Whatever was offered

What did you smoke?:

What did you take?:

What did you want to be?: Happy

Who did you fight?: Myself

Who/What did you believe in?: A greater good

Where did you go?: Down the less-travelled road.

What did you learn?: No-one likes to pick up hitch-hikers

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