Who Are You?: oli

Where Are You?: musbury , a small village in the south west of england

What Are You?: bundle of semi-aware cells, and lots water

What do you make?: pretty pictures and a mess

What do you love?: tess and pretty much anything

What do you hate?: the smell of people who dont care

What do you listen to?: anything from the likes of godspeed you black emporer and fly pan am to belle and sebastion and hefner. favourite bands are as mentioed above and the manics, mogwai, radiohead, arab strap, the rock of travolta, at the drive in, porcupine tree and gomez

What do you watch?: not tv

What do you drink?: water, or tea

What do you smoke?: weed

What do you take?: weed

What do you believe in?: unorganised, automanus religon

When We Were 16

Where were you?: under strawberry tree

What were you?: very slightly burnt

What did you wear?: nothing, nudity is good

What did you listen to?: metallica, it rotted my brain

What did you watch?: the simpsons, it rotted my brain

What did you love?: trying to be cool

What did you hate?: everything

What did you drink?: popular beer

What did you smoke?: twigs

What did you take?: the cronical

What did you want to be?: astronaut

Who did you fight?: those who got in my way

Who/What did you believe in?: i had no faith

Where did you go?: taunton

What did you learn?: pure mathematics

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