Who Are You?: A misunderstood Cloud. (arent we all?) formerly Robyn

Where Are You?: Depressed fucked-up and strung-out in my room

What Are You?: A girl with a penchant for mutilation

What do you make?: A fool of myself, generally

What do you love?: my family, my friends, the small turkish love slave i have hidden in my closet

What do you hate?: Love.

What do you listen to?: Anything and everything, except myself

What do you watch?: my sanity slip down the drain

What do you drink?: Anything....vodka mainly

What do you smoke?: no fags! 9 weeks non-smoking! yay! A little bit of grass

What do you take?: A strong interest in world affairs

What do you believe in?: What the blind man tells me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Fucked up and bored at school. Bleeding in the bathroom stalls

What were you?: A shameless self-mutilator and all round alcoholic

What did you wear?: crayzee clothes - homemade t-shirts - sometimes nothing

What did you listen to?: nobody! Tool got me through!

What did you watch?: the cars go by - from my hospital bed

What did you love?: drugs, money and hair dye

What did you hate?: guys, myself - the thought of sex

What did you drink?: toilet water - and anything else

What did you smoke?: Insane amounts of grass, lots of fags

What did you take?: Anything that was going

What did you want to be?: Alive at 17!

Who did you fight?: the whole goddamned establishment!

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing and nobody...except my mum!

Where did you go?: to the girls bathroom - for a joint

What did you learn?: You can fuck yourself up and mutilate till the cows come home and still bring home the good grades! (only if you're a jammy bitch like me!)

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