Who Are You?: fiona

Where Are You?: dublin

What Are You?: a girl

What do you make?: websites, soup, music sometimes, photographs

What do you love?: weather, bread, ideas, music, the sea, the sky, the moon, the feel of a man, understanding, singing in the car, singing with other people, cycling home on a still night, autumn, the feeling of a summer breeze on your skin, being drunk sometimes

What do you hate?: when people are afraid of themselves, lack of reason, pretense, dishonesty

What do you listen to?: these dyas i listen to songs mostly, so voices you could say - gillian welch, lucinda williams, emmylou harris, nico, will oldham, chet baker, kings of convenience, joni mitchell, john martyn, alastair roberts, nick cave, nick drake, edith frost, billie holiday Also bands like st. thomas, tindersticks, yo la tengo, the tycho brahe, the velvet underground, the notwist, the red house painters, the beach boys

What do you watch?: six feet under, late night poker

What do you drink?: red wine

What do you smoke?: marlboro lights, dope

What do you take?: evening primrose oil, iron and cod liver oil

What do you believe in?: God, as the creator of time and space and the ability of the human mind to connect to God (be it through thinking, not thinking, taking drugs, doing monotonous work, creating, trying to understand whatever)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In school

What were you?: Overwhelmed by the sadness of things, in love with a boy, determined, clear-headed, happier than i have ever been since

What did you wear?: Baggy jumpers and coloured jeans

What did you listen to?: Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, The Waterboys, Dire Straits, The Pixies, The Doors, REM, HMV Classical Comilation Cds, lots of Irish diediddlyeye music (involuntarily)

What did you watch?: Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, current affairs programmes

What did you love?: My boyfriend, myself, walking by the sea

What did you hate?: My father, my mother, girls who were obsessed with their looks

What did you drink?: I don't think i did

What did you smoke?: Nothing

What did you take?: Nothing

What did you want to be?: A power-woman in an office with a big house and family, but also a bohemian arty type who was into 'experiencing' things

Who did you fight?: My father

Who/What did you believe in?: Love and Reason and the need to respect people you couldn't understand

Where did you go?: Walking on the beach

What did you learn?: Since then, that people are often too self-protective to love or be loved

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