Who Are You?: Henrik, swedish boy.

Where Are You?: In my home, in front of my screen.

What Are You?: Im an aspiring writer, just started a fanzine together with two friends who are engaged. I feel like an outsider sometimes.

What do you make?: I make text concerning Dostojevskij and hip-hop. Mostly.

What do you love?: My mom. Not my dad. My friends. Music. Books. Art I suppose.

What do you hate?: Being ill, which I now am, physical weakness always change my view of the world, nothing feels safe anymore.

What do you listen to?: Upsetters, outkast, ludacris. Funk, soul and all the regulars whom 90 % reside in some list of "the best albums ever"-type.

What do you watch?: Porn sometimes, though im disgusted by myself afterwards. West Wing. I go to the cinema sometimes, but rarely to watch something good, I mostly go to laugh at bad movies (Training Day last week)

What do you drink?: Beer. Wine if I can get my hands on it.

What do you smoke?: Cigarettes.

What do you take?: I take my time.

What do you believe in?: Im afraid that thers not too much you can believe in these days. I believe America has gone too far.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In the home of my mom. I liked it but it was never really a home.

What were you?: Student. Very good one too, I was told.

What did you wear?: Expensive streetwear.

What did you listen to?: Mostly guitar-orientated stuff, Indie, 60s and 70s rock. I was into history.

What did you watch?: Simpsons, various american sit-coms (thats what they feed us here)

What did you love?: Hanna I thought, but I have come to the conclusion that it wasnt so.

What did you hate?: The fact that i was small. And that I didnt have a girlfriend.

What did you drink?: Beer. Water. Vast quantities of orange-juice, i walked around with a yellow toungue throughout my 16th year.

What did you smoke?: Marijuana when I could get my hands on it, it wasnt easy. Smoked cigarettes then too.

What did you take?: Drugs didnt appeal to me. I wasnt in need of something to numb me out in ways I hadnt already found.

What did you want to be?: A musician. A writer.

Who did you fight?: My dad, who claimed I loved him and so couldnt ignore him. It wasnt so.

Who/What did you believe in?: That everything would turn out great as soon as i left high-school.

Where did you go?: Actually, I havent gone anywhere yet.

What did you learn?: The concept of family, of love, of hate, of suffering.

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