Who Are You?: Ken

Where Are You?: north london, innit

What Are You?: a pain in the backside / impressario

What do you make?: ideas

What do you love?: the people

What do you hate?: lads, football, the man

What do you listen to?: tom verlaine, the laurens, the voices, house of love, new order, chic etc....and so consequently for the last 4 years the ringing in my right ear

What do you watch?: some of the greatest bands you'll never hear of reach greatness

What do you drink?: trying not to

What do you smoke?: ditto

What do you take?: one day at at time

What do you believe in?: the transformative powers of clean fender guitars

When We Were 16

Where were you?: burnley, lancs

What were you?: a pain in the backside

What did you wear?: clothes

What did you listen to?: velvets, joy division and errr early genesis

What did you watch?: everyone else have a great time

What did you love?: pass

What did you hate?: lads, football, the man

What did you drink?: bluebols

What did you smoke?: silk cut

What did you take?: a *lot* of o-levels

What did you want to be?: thin

Who did you fight?: my family

Who/What did you believe in?: that craig latham was burnley's very own genius synthesis of brian wilson and morrissey

Where did you go?: the flea market

What did you learn?: that ripping apart the working class was a really great idea. not.

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