Who Are You?: A bag of mostly water and wind

Where Are You?: At rest

What Are You?: Cold, especially around the extremities

What do you make?: Slightly dull conversation

What do you love?: The sound of coypu

What do you hate?: Celery and tarragon

What do you listen to?: The sound of candles

What do you watch?: My weight

What do you drink?: The water from the fountain of truth

What do you smoke?: Kippers

What do you take?: It all in. Then give it all back in a distilled form

What do you believe in?: Markoff Chaney

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In bondage

What were you?: A swot

What did you wear?: Flared everything

What did you listen to?: The mighty Hawkwind

What did you watch?: My genitalia mostly

What did you love?: Music

What did you hate?: Everyone, with a few notable exceptions

What did you drink?: Milky tea

What did you smoke?: The tyres on my bike

What did you take?: My time

What did you want to be?: Older

Who did you fight?: Andrew

Who/What did you believe in?: Dave Brock, Robert Calvert, Nik Turner, Lemmy and Michael Moorcock

Where did you go?: Away from where I started

What did you learn?: Get out quick

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