Who Are You?: A depressed and angry person.

Where Are You?: Physically in Scandinavia somewhere. Mostly warped up in my own mind. Somewhere inbetween there, I'm online.

What Are You?: I am nothing. I wish I was a writer, but I'm nothing.

What do you make?: I don't make, I consume. Mostly food, space and friends.

What do you love?: Depression support sites, which I also hate.

What do you hate?: When people have a different opinion, I see them as fooled and stupid, and I feel threatened because the idiots are so many.

What do you listen to?: Sometimes to music. I wish I could find it meaningful again.

What do you watch?: What is on my screen. The screen is my world.

What do you drink?: Tea or milk.

What do you smoke?: I don't. Mostly.

What do you take?: I take a lot of crap. Sometimes i take psych meds too.

What do you believe in?: In Death. Death will get us all. There is nothing 'after' death.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At my parent's. I hated it.

What were you?: A socialist. Student. Artist.

What did you wear?: Plain clothes, jeans and a shirt. Everything that could cover up the fat and the female shape.

What did you listen to?: Hippie music.

What did you watch?: Thrillers and everything that is not funny.

What did you love?: READING!!!!!! Also politics and my cat.

What did you hate?: The thought of getting old, what people would expect from me, Death.

What did you drink?: Tea.

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: A lot of crap. Back then too.

What did you want to be?: I wanted to be a writer. I still do.

Who did you fight?: My parents and capitalists.

Who/What did you believe in?: Socialism.

Where did you go?: To the library, to meetings, to a friend, I had only one friend.

What did you learn?: English, as you can see. The hidden structures of capitalism. It took me to be 30 to learn love, understanding and compassion.

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