Who Are You?: as empty as everyone

Where Are You?: toronto

What Are You?: trying to be human

What do you make?: anything i can, useless web pages - extravegent public specticles

What do you love?: i love love

What do you hate?: not loving

What do you listen to?: dylan, folkie-rootsie music, drum circles, my guitar, the wind, ween, charles mingus, beck, everything

What do you watch?: im a simpsons fiend, i think slacker is a good movie, stars, clouds, people, cities,

What do you drink?: whatever everyone else is drinking. but preferably watermelon juice or strawberry mango milkshakes.

What do you smoke?: ignorance

What do you take?: pot is yummy

What do you believe in?: nature can not be mishapen, sleeping as long as you need to, and eating to make your body happy not your tounge

When We Were 16

Where were you?: toronto suburbs

What were you?: anything I could be. computer geek / athlete / aspiring filmmaker / photographer

What did you wear?: nothing in particular

What did you listen to?: hip hop / pop junk / beatles

What did you watch?: every movie, the internet, simpsons

What did you love?: sad angry subversivness

What did you hate?: obligations, expectations.

What did you drink?: no alchol

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: nothin

What did you want to be?: famous, brilliant and clever

Who did you fight?: anything that i could be label oppressive

Who/What did you believe in?: jesus, dylan and terry gilliam

Where did you go?: parents basement

What did you learn?: ideas without conviviality are useless.

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