Who Are You?: Jim

Where Are You?: Abingdon

What Are You?: Web bloke, balding, ex-riot boy

What do you make?: love, food, pointless documents

What do you love?: girlfriend, music, books, talking bollocks, films, television

What do you hate?: The Man, earnestness, irony, bigots

What do you listen to?: Today? St Etienne, Public Enemy, The Strokes, Pixies, Duke Ellington.

What do you watch?: ducks, sopranos, buffy, teen films, Whit Stilman films

What do you drink?: Wine, grapfruit juice, beer, water

What do you smoke?: Nothing, nicorette, rollups

What do you take?: antidepressants.

What do you believe in?: democracy, Blake, freedom, keynes

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Exmouth, Devon

What were you?: Student

What did you wear?: Oh, dear. Smiths/MBV tshirt, black 501s, dester boots, cardigan, jewellry

What did you listen to?: Smiths MBV, CURE, Bauhaus, Sonic Youth, Telescopes, Pixies, Peel.

What did you watch?: Blue Velvet, Withnail, GBH

What did you love?: Girls who didn't love me

What did you hate?: Everything not mentioned above.

What did you drink?: Vodka and Grapefruit, Lager Top, Martini, Organge Juice, Special Brew

What did you smoke?: Cheap hash, marlboro, homegrown, stuff they sold us as opium but wasn't

What did you take?: Nightnurse, speed, acid, valium

What did you want to be?: star, journalist, novelist, auteur, bounty hunter in post-apocalyptic wasteland, critic, older

Who did you fight?: No-one

Who/What did you believe in?: Martin Amis, my dealer, Melody Maker, Tony Benn

Where did you go?: xter, then Brighton, eventually

What did you learn?: everything.

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