Who Are You?: jamie howlett

Where Are You?: manchester, at uni.

What Are You?: a boy. a student.

What do you make?: music.

What do you love?: music. girls. sunsets. storms. beautiful songs that make your heart strain wich every chord change.

What do you hate?: feeling down. feeling unhappy. people who want hassle.

What do you listen to?: emo.indie.post-rock.punk.ska.metal.classical.

What do you watch?: films with a story. not mindless action explosion films.

What do you drink?: milkshake.

What do you smoke?: nothing much. occasional cannabis.

What do you take?: the piss.

What do you believe in?: here and now.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school.

What were you?: annoying.

What did you wear?: metal-esque clothing.

What did you listen to?: metal and punk.

What did you watch?: the world pass by.

What did you love?: music.

What did you hate?: school and the hassles people there wanted to have.

What did you drink?: lager. coke.

What did you smoke?: cigarettes (briefly)

What did you take?: exams.

What did you want to be?: rockstar.

Who did you fight?: noone. wanted to aviod conflicts. myself perhaps?

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing.

Where did you go?: nowhere.

What did you learn?: that people who call themselves your friends arent always that.

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