Who Are You?: Atom Draper

Where Are You?: East London UK, but in my head I'm on Mars

What Are You?: ganglions, dendrites, various elements, water and other yucky stuff.

What do you make?: comments, stories, jokes, pictures,

What do you love?: planting trees, films, Zen, watching arguments, Tim, Tulip, silence, The Black Panthers, cyberculture, conversations, chocolate biscuits, the city at night, J.G Ballard, the grotesque and the paradoxical, Genesis P Orridge, laughing, sex, sleeping, caffeine, Confederacy of Dunces, hugs, drugs, bugs.

What do you hate?: the usual: bigotry, stupidity, oppression, global trade in weapons, Richard and Judy, linear time.

What do you listen to?: Arvo Part, Pram, Young Marble Giants, Belle and Sebastian, Lee Scratch Perry, Kraftwerk, King Tubby, Eno, Air, Daft Punk, Pole, Boards of Canada, Jon Hassell, Miss Kittin, electroclash.

What do you watch?: Today it was The Parallax View. Otherwise it's strictly TV Psychics, Top of the Pops, The Box and Channel 4 news only. TV rots your brain.

What do you drink?: Camomile Tea, Sainsbury's Free trade de-caf Coffee, Assam Tea, Chinese Gunpowder Tea, water, Red Grape Juice.

What do you smoke?: Nothing. smoking makes you stink and who wants to snog a stinker?

What do you take?: Multi-vitamins. One day at a time.

What do you believe in?: Madhyamika: According to the theory of emptiness, phenomena exist in a relative state only, a kind of 'ontological relativity'. The term used to describe this mode of existence is dependent arising, which describes how it is that something which is empty of true existence can have any sort of existence - only in relation to something else. Phenomena are regarded as dependent events rather than things which have their own inherent nature; thus the extreme of permanence is avoided. By the same token, dependent existence is something more than none, and so annihilation is avoided. These doctrines of emptiness and dependent arising are central to all schools of Madhyamika Buddhism.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Avoiding school, miserable as fuck, friendless, living in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire with my retarded thug family.

What were you?: An apprentice homosexual. Singer in a band. Wannabe writer and rent boy.

What did you wear?: Black clothes inside out. Military gear, ripped shirts and jeans, thick NHS glasses (the Morrissey influence), red crepe shoes, spikey hair, a foolish grin.

What did you listen to?: Bowie, Numan, Human League, Smiths, Magazine, Velvet Underground, John Peel, Test Dept, 23 Skidoo, Throbbing Gristle, Siouxie, Suicide, Trojan reggae, Bob Marley, Pylon, A Certain Ratio, Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Soft Cell, Some Bizarre Records, The Residents, Colourbox, Cocteaus, Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus, Disco, Pop Group, Raincoats, Rough Trade earache stuff, Kraftwerk, The Fall, On-U Sound,Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes, anything electronic esp The Silicon Teens and anything on Mute.

What did you watch?: I can't remember but probably Star Trek and Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Top of the Pops, The Tube, 20th Century Box.

What did you love?: My WASP synthesizer, music, Sarah Turley and the flat above the wine bar which was our Max's Kansas City! Richard, Richard, Adam, Paul Simmons, John Peel, Taking photographs, dreaming of a better life, reading, William Burroughs, cut-up experiments, self mutilation, tapes, bass bins, Europe, the idea of travel, crashing into record companies pretending we knew what we were doing, driving places, rehearsing music in Adam's shed.

What did you hate?: Borehamwood, my family, people who wore Tachinni tracksuits and had wedge haircuts and liked pushing broken bottles into your face, the fact I hadn't had sex yet.

What did you drink?: Cider, vodka, tea, coffee, orange juice. I've never really like alcohol. Not very rock n roll I know.

What did you smoke?: Dope twice. That's it. Sorry.

What did you take?: Everything I could get. But mainly "advantage of"

What did you want to be?: A performance artist.

Who did you fight?: No-one: good god I would've been mashed up and mangled before you could say "I just can't get this eyeliner to apply evenly Sandra"

Who/What did you believe in?: Bowie, a random chaotic universe full of spite and hatred and only brought to a stop with one's final breath.

Where did you go?: Richard's to listen to The Cure and Scritti Politti. Adam's to play music of our own on his hand made synthesizers. I never really went out at all.

What did you learn?: That time is short and you've got to get on and do what you want to do with no distractions. That my family are a collection of primal swamp monsters. That it's OK to be queer. That friendships don't always last forever. That most people do eventually have sex. That alcohol makes me depressed. That music makes me high. That love is the answer. That everything's gonna be alright.

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