Who Are You?: a girl

Where Are You?: at home, somewhere between the kitchen and the garden, london

What Are You?: sleepy and tired with a huge fucker of a headache

What do you make?: records disappear as soon as i so much as touch them, i've lost 6 over the past two days unbeliveably

What do you love?: a boy, cats, sleeping, dreaming, sunshine when you wake up, melancholia

What do you hate?: some people, pain, headaches, finding myself less and less tolerant of various different things i used to hold important, and more and more tolerant of things i used to despise

What do you listen to?: belle and sebastian, the smiths, guitar fucker, dog man star, aphex twin, the go betweens, stereolab, however, i'm too scared to try and listen to anything today because every time i've tried things go missing

What do you watch?: mr and mrs pigeon outside in the garden, crows flying in scary formations over my house, ridiculous looking dogs and their ridiculous looking owners

What do you drink?: water, increasingly less alcohol

What do you smoke?: increasingly more nicotine and draw

What do you take?: too much time

What do you believe in?: change, out of necessity, otherwise my whole head would be in the biggest confusion

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at home, london

What were you?: an angsty teenager, depressed and lonely and a proper suede fan

What did you wear?: black cord flares, boots, a band tshirt, a nice shirt and a big leather coat

What did you listen to?: suede and bowie

What did you watch?: tfi friday probably

What did you love?: a girl, cats, sleeping, dreaming, waking up in the sunshine, melancholia

What did you hate?: boys, life, people

What did you drink?: vodka

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: effort and much patience on the part of others

What did you want to be?: the pinnacle of androgyny, an indie superstar, dead, loved, saved, a little bit taller

Who did you fight?: myself, my family, my friends, blur fans, the nme, everyone really

Who/What did you believe in?: tiny

Where did you go?: gigs, trash, record shopping

What did you learn?: that things change and opinions change and boys and girls are quite different sometimes. that records should be held onto with both hands. that i'm too easily distracted. that love can really fuck up your head without you noticing. things like that..

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