Who Are You?: Tara

Where Are You?: Somewhere in my mind

What Are You?: Whatever I feel like being

What do you make?: Art

What do you love?: Little, music, art, writing, music, guitars, music

What do you hate?: Everything else

What do you listen to?: Nine Inch Nails primarily...almost any other good music. I also listen to my incessant rambling about how much life sucks.

What do you watch?: Political satire shows, hockey, good ol' wrastlin...

What do you drink?: Water and other things What do you smoke?: Other writers

What do you take?: Remeron. Abuse. Dirty looks. Names. Souls. just kidding about the souls, or am I?

What do you believe in?: Nothing...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Most of the time home

What were you?: A stupid little bitch

What did you wear?: Samething I wear now, black. I wore less makeup then though. Lots of cleavage too.

What did you listen to?: Popular crap.

What did you watch?: Whatever was cool.

What did you love?: Almost everything except for people.

What did you hate?: People.

What did you drink?: Pepsi.

What did you smoke?: My mother's ciggarete smoke.

What did you take?: A lot of abuse.

What did you want to be?: Anything but what I am now.

Who did you fight?: Same people I do now, my mother, my father, jocks, myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: Anything that I heard.

Where did you go?: Nowhere, I was anti-social. Still am.

What did you learn?: People suck. The world sucks. Also, what mental illnesses are really like.

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