Who Are You?: Kiko Amat

Where Are You?: In Barcelona and it's sunny and fresh and springey all around.

What Are You?: I'm a writer, no-good, heathen Situationist piece of ex-mod soulboy.

What do you make?: Novels, essays, articles. My first book of fiction is about to be published (October 2003) and it's called "El d'a que me vaya no se lo diré a nadie". And..er..yes, it's in Spanish. Sorry.

What do you love?: Get drunk, Dada, Vespa riding in Barcelona, Brautigan, Shena Mackay, hip hop, soul, early creation and Cherry Red, friends, Colin McInnes, London (lived there for 5 years), Barcelona, kitchen sink cinema, catalan food, snails, college scarves, funk, Eugenia, surrealism, Situacionism, subcultures, working class style.

What do you hate?: capitalism, AOR, the current media, telly, rock, mainstream indie shite, fascists, squares, poshboys, the upper class.

What do you listen to?: soul 6t's to Y2K, hip hop (not gangsta), folk rock, weird early indie (pop aural, cherry red, rough trade, first creation), freakbeat, punk rock, jazz, got 5000 records, collect madly.

What do you watch?: kitchen sink working class british 5t's & 6t's cinema, free cinema, godard, haurismaki, coen, wilder, italian realism, Fawlty Towers, Monties, Simpsons

What do you drink?: catalan and spanish beer, gin tonic, banana juice in the mornings, coffee, red wine

What do you smoke?: nothin' or the odd joint

What do you take?: speed sometimes, MDMA in special occasions, odd line of ye olde charlie when invited

What do you believe in?: situacionism, libertarian socialism, love, creation, passion, obsession, creation, play, NEVER WORK

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school, confused, angry

What were you?: an 8t's mod

What did you wear?: the lot. polo necks, gabiccis, desert boots, parka, badges, english button down shirts, suits, heavy backcombing, spots, teenage boyish face

What did you listen to?: mod revival, punk rock, some Kent soul, sixties pop and mod, psych

What did you watch?: some telly, 70's US films, sixties stuff for the gear

What did you love?: youthful anger, passion, my records, oddness, uniqueness, individualism, left wing politics (naive ones) girls, dancing northern soul

What did you hate?: many people around me, rock, squares, the real world, institutions, school

What did you drink?: beer

What did you smoke?: lucky strike

What did you take?: pure amphetamine. some depressants with lager.

What did you want to be?: I truly didn't give 2 monkeys about the future. I just didn't care

Who did you fight?: skinheads, bullies, teachers, everybody

Who/What did you believe in?: modernism, us, teenage rebellion, defiance, youth, hipness

Where did you go?: bars, clubs, the beach

What did you learn?: Remain passionate, be obsessed, love intensely, live by the proverbial minute, burst

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