Who Are You?: Patrick Wilson

Where Are You?: Seattle (Ballard), WA

What Are You?: not yet fully engaged with life, but still hopeful, making headway

What do you make?: photographs, poloroid transfers, lots of pasta

What do you love?: Sara, sons Liam and Graham, Olympic Nat'l Park, a paid off car, light, space, perspective, introspection, someone who listens

What do you hate?: malls, asphalt, anti-spliff mentality, hypocritical Puritans, expensive car maintenance for basic parts

What do you listen to?: Yo La Tengo, The Gourds, Chet Baker live in Bologna, JGB, Damien Jurado, kexp.org online or in the car

What do you watch?: dvd's, GlennGary GlennRoss for starters, not much TV, Shine, Dogtown and Z Boys...

What do you drink?: Fat Tire, Red Hook, Maritime brews, Bushmill's

What do you smoke?: approx. 1 American Spirit a month

What do you take?: a little too much, but none for granted, need to give more back

What do you believe in?: God, women (esp. after two births), there's more good than evil circulating the world, the globe is warming, the USA will not be the lone superpower indefinitely, that it will be cheap one day to drink ocean water (salt from water, whats the problem, why so expensive folks?)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Chicago, IL

What were you?: a quiet, sports loving boy without a clue

What did you wear?: brand named, human billboard clothes that were too stiff, then lots of sweaty t-shirts and tube socks

What did you listen to?: all classic rock, and The Police(in 1983)

What did you watch?: MASH, Archie Bunker, can't recall much else

What did you love?: sports, still a few more years till I cared deeply about any girls

What did you hate?: that was a strong word at that age

What did you drink?: cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap beer

What did you smoke?:

What did you take?: Time and life for granted, of course

What did you want to be?: that was the problem and still is, chipping around the green but not getting closer to the cup

Who did you fight?:

Who/What did you believe in?:

Where did you go?: 7-11, YMCA for hours, the pool. Simple pleasures

What did you learn?: my dad should have noticed his son was not suited for the business world, not forced a tie on him, and let him pursue more artistic endeavors, like I am now after all the schooling is over

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