Who Are You?: a far too filosophic question

Where Are You?: in a small depressive town

What Are You?: a young man

What do you make?: food, music and love.

What do you love?: the nature and big towns, not small deppressive ones. openminded peoples. books. magazines. music. clothes. swiming.

What do you hate?: to try hard to do something and in the end everything turns out in the wrong way anyway.

What do you listen to?: right now: minnie ripperton, rapture, ron sexsmith, roddy frame, lot of soul and funk collections, bees, reeclose, boards of canada

What do you watch?: south park, fraiser, films: donnie darko yes please

What do you drink?: tea, coffie and cheap bear

What do you smoke?: not mutch

What do you take?: as mutch as I can eh... not drugs off course

What do you believe in?: life is a blank paper. It can be anything.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: the same place. 16 was not a long time ago

What were you?: insecure, but at the same time

What did you wear?: like now, but a little bit more boring.

What did you listen to?: different every week.

What did you watch?: films

What did you love?: not beeing in school

What did you hate?: stupidity, myself, my friends, my life, teachers

What did you drink?: coke

What did you smoke?: things people gave to me

What did you take?: let me put it this way: no

What did you want to be?: somwhere I could belong.

Who did you fight?: was to weak to fight. myself mabey

Who/What did you believe in?: popstars

Where did you go?: home, always home.

What did you learn?: pride is important

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