Who Are You?: im ben o'brien

Where Are You?: im in london, england

What Are You?: im an animator and illustrator

What do you make?: i make animations for www.pocketlaboratories.com and www.captainwacky.com

What do you love?: i love loads of things, music, animation, film, drawings, the sea, running about

What do you hate?: the noise the drawer makes in the freezer when you open it and it scrapes passed all the frosty stuff inside, im also not keen on war.

What do you listen to?: right now... hundred reasons, polyphonic spree, moldy peaches, bjork, old soul, 80's hiphop, lots of things

What do you watch?: people, telly, cinema screens

What do you drink?: lots of orange juice, and beer if im out. i do like a nice ale in an old pub in the country or by the sea, although im not an old man with a beard.

What do you smoke?: nothing anymore, and damn do i feel good for it

What do you take?: take? nothing, the occasional vitamin

What do you believe in?: just doing creative things to be fulfilled and having some fun

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i was at school, trying to get out of academic subjects to do art

What were you?: i was a boy who liked his hiphop and indie music

What did you wear?: i wore dirty trainers, baggy jeans and t-shirts, often for indie bands

What did you listen to?: loved nirvana, david bowie (my dads influence), de la soul

What did you watch?: god i dont remember, probably just watched teenwolf and the goonies again

What did you love?: music, keeping out of the way of the bullies, mtv (old mtv, when it had style)

What did you hate?: bullying in school

What did you drink?: i think i used to drink a lot of orange fanta

What did you smoke?: this and that, i was a teenager for christs sake, wish i hadnt though

What did you take?: saxophone classes, every saturday morning

What did you want to be?: a graphic designer

Who did you fight?: physically... no-one, i would never want to be a fighter.

Who/What did you believe in?: certain people that inspired me

Where did you go?: i went to the canary islands with two mates when i was about 16, that was pretty special, no parents or anything

What did you learn?: that you dont have to be an academic show-off to succeed out of a shabby private school

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