Who Are You?: k.1

Where Are You?: Toronto, Canada

What Are You?: A young woman on the brink of something big.

What do you make?: Music, words, clothing, food and mistakes.

What do you love?: Inks, notebooks, vellum envelopes, the smell of oranges, my friends, my band, my oak desk.

What do you hate?: Nothing. Well, maybe beets.

What do you listen to?: Gogol Bordello, Sick Lipstick, Hidden Cameras, Barcelona Pavilion.

What do you watch?: Films, but only the good ones.

What do you drink?: Mineral water, gin and soymilk (but not together).

What do you smoke?: Opium and cigarettes.

What do you take?: Vitamin C.

What do you believe in?: I believe in the good of life.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: High School.

What were you?: A sullen, awkward girl.

What did you wear?: Torn stockings, short skirts, too many bracelets, combat boots and heavy eyeliner.

What did you listen to?: The Velvet Underground and Pavement.

What did you watch?: Too much TV.

What did you love?: My friends, writing, secrets, snacks.

What did you hate?: The world.

What did you drink?: Screwdrivers & coca cola.

What did you smoke?: Dunhill cigarettes.

What did you take?: The blame.

What did you want to be?: An archeologist, a writer or an auto mechanic.

Who did you fight?: My parents, "society".

Who/What did you believe in?: Abbie Hoffman.

Where did you go?: Downtown, to where all the cool cafes were.

What did you learn?: That I am responsible for my own success in life.

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