Who Are You?: A boy in an art-school in finland, staying up way too late.

Where Are You?: In school.

What Are You?: A hard working boy afraid of failing

What do you make?: Tryning to make: art.

What do you love?: Music and art.

What do you hate?: Mean persons.

What do you listen to?: Gentle pop

What do you watch?: A swedish program called "V¹rsta spr'ket" mostly.

What do you drink?: Milk, red vine and beer. And orange juice at som ocasions

What do you smoke?: nope.

What do you take?: nothing in particular

What do you believe in?: love and the nature.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: About ten miles from here, in bed probably.

What were you?: Lost and confused.

What did you wear?: Fruit of the loom and lewis, i think

What did you listen to?: Radiohead maybe

What did you watch?: donĒt remember

What did you love?: my band.

What did you hate?: I donĒt know if I honesly hated anything

What did you drink?: cider I think

What did you smoke?: Not then either

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: cool and older

Who did you fight?: no one

Where did you go?: To the shoping-center in the middle of town

What did you learn?: How to play in a band.

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