Who Are You?: SuperHybrid:JDX

Where Are You?: Boulder, CO USA

What Are You?: Experimental A.R.T. Mandroid

What do you make?: word stew, recordings (evidence)

What do you love?: art, music, writing

What do you hate?: religion, meat, ignorance

What do you listen to?: coltrane, slayer, dimmu borgir, hendrix, jazz

What do you watch?: south park, public tv

What do you drink?: mountain dew, coffee, grapefruit juice, red bull

What do you smoke?: lamb's bread

What do you take?: my time

What do you believe in?: freedom, the arts, kindness to animals, sustainable lifestyles

When We Were 16

Where were you?: 1987-88 Boulder, CO

What were you?: student, stoner, metalhead

What did you wear?: jean jacket, bandanna, high tops

What did you listen to?: metallica, d*r*i, slayer, megadeth, anthrax, suicidal tendencies, the misfits, beastie boys, red hot chili peppers, ozzy, led zeppelin, the doors, jimi hendrix, kiss, judas priest, ac/dc, iron maiden, pink floyd

What did you watch?: headbangers ball

What did you love?: sex, drugs, rock and roll

What did you hate?: authority, school, police

What did you drink?: jack daniels, beer, cheap peppermint schnapps

What did you smoke?: dirt weed, marlboro reds

What did you take?: speed

What did you want to be?: nothing

Who did you fight?: everyone

Who/What did you believe in?: rock and roll

Where did you go?: college

What did you learn?: how to write research papers

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