Who Are You?: Kate

Where Are You?: The lovely island of WIGHT.

What Are You?: Lots to many people. Mother,daughter,sister,lover,student,Musician-writer

What do you make?: Songs for money

What do you love?: Air,Fire.Water and Earth

What do you hate?: bananas

What do you listen to?: Everthing, except politicians

What do you watch?: birds, trees, nature, men, and sometimes Eastenders

What do you drink?: Vodka

What do you smoke?: Drum tobacco and homegrown

What do you take?: Exams in May, and sometimes free soaps from hotels

What do you believe in?: Freedom of speech,understanding, and love Baby!!!

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Hammersmith

What were you?: An Alcoholic

What did you wear?: Goth stuff, black clothes, Indian jewellry, Egyptian eyes

What did you listen to?: U2, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Half man half biscuit

What did you watch?: Can't remember, MTV i think it had just been invented??/

What did you love?: Self destruction

What did you hate?: ????? Green eggs and Smack

What did you drink?: Whiskey

What did you smoke?: Drum and homegrown

What did you take?: How do you remember that it was 15 years ago

What did you want to be?: An artist

Who did you fight?: Political parties and anyone who got in the way

Who/What did you believe in?: Freedom

Where did you go?: Into Music

What did you learn?: Always do your own thing!

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