Who Are You?: twenty one and female.

Where Are You?: a room in late autumn, australia.

What Are You?: a woman made from pop, politics and all the struggles in between. an anarcho-femme.

What do you make?: my own truth. fragments of poetry.

What do you love?: believing in things. (music, words, friends, moments when we might change the world).

What do you hate?: people with nothing to say. global capitalism. boring indie boy middle class 'musicians'.

What do you listen to?: my friends. my own breath while riding a bike. bluebottle kiss, bessie smith, billie holiday. early belle and sebastian. early pj harvey. joy division. my cat purring. godspeed... sigur ros, the smiths, the supremes, sleater kinney. the kettle boiling, this computer humming. augie march, art of fighting, architecture in helsinki, adam cole and the pollen choir.

What do you watch?: old videoclips. the way people walk down alleyways and don't look at what might be written on the walls.

What do you drink?: tea (english breakfast, irish breakfast, earl grey, lady grey, vanilla, caramel, blue mountains, china gunpowder, chammomile, peppermint, blackcurrant, jasmine, japanese green). vodka (by itself, with soda, with tonic, with most things except orange juice. it's just wrong).

What do you smoke?: other people's stale cigarette exhalations while watching bands at the pub. I hate smokers.

What do you take?: on? the whole fucking world.

What do you believe in?: poetry and revolution. some intersection of the two.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in transition. in my final year of school.

What were you?: increasingly confused, increasingly outraged.

What did you wear?: some loose version of school uniform. my red 'communist' badge.

What did you listen to?: radiohead, it was the year 'ok computer' came out. scoff if you will, hipsters, it helped me through. the smiths, joy division, mazzy star. my tastes haven't changed that much, just expanded.

What did you watch?: the television news, often while yelling, sometimes while crying.

What did you love?: making up escape routes with my small bunch of friends. my advanced english literature class, on a monday afternoon.

What did you hate?: the apathy of my peers. sometimes I still do. the patronising attitudes of middle-aged adults, the careless dismissal of precious new dreams. I still hate that.

What did you drink?: orange juice. (not with vodka).

What did you smoke?: nothing at all.

What did you take?: naprogesic for period pain.

What did you want to be?: a writer. a rock star. a revolutionary. someone to set the world ablaze.

Who did you fight?: the engineers of newspaper headlines.

Who/What did you believe in?: honesty. passion. a deliberate naivety, a refusal to accept the world on its terms.

Where did you go?: to school and back. to a city cinema to watch midnight sessions of 'a clockwork orange'. to the city streets to discover protest. for walks around tree filled areas.

What did you learn?: a whole fucking lot. I'm still learning it.

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