Who Are You?: An explorer

Where Are You?: Stockholm

What Are You?: Do not know. I am in a transitional phase. From corporate careerist to something more human.

What do you make?: Short stories, relations, other people happy and sometimes a fool of myself.

What do you love?: Life, love, people, the sun, freedom, fiction, soul music and my friends

What do you hate?: Oppression, fear and hate

What do you listen to?: Isaac Hayes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, The Isley Brothers, Dvorak, Chopin, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Waylon Jennings, Dr. Dre and 2Pac.

What do you watch?: The sky, the stars, the trees, the grass, the water, the girls, the people, the buildings, the dogs and myself from getting too drunk. Sometimes life passing by, still.

What do you drink?: Vodka shots and water

What do you smoke?: Nothing

What do you take?: A break

What do you believe in?: Life and myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Suburb to Stockholm

What were you?: The smartest

What did you wear?: Jeans

What did you listen to?: Bruce Springsteen

What did you watch?: Life passing by

What did you love?: Not much

What did you hate?: Much

What did you drink?: What I could get hold of

What did you smoke?: Nothing

What did you take?: Snus

What did you want to be?: Popular

Who did you fight?: Myself

Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing

Where did you go?: Nowhere

What did you learn?: Not enough

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