Who Are You?: im many. in a way. are we really just one person? maybe just one soul, but nope, not just one set of personality traits.

Where Are You?: im in my puter hallway with no windows xept those on my puter.

What Are You?: right now im calm... kinda. and somewhat bored. a bit anxious. but too tired to do anything about it.

What do you make?: make? as in money. not much. but i make a lot of crap in art therapy.

What do you love?: i dont love. im fond of, i like and im used to. the closest i come to love is the feeling my cats give me.

What do you hate?: i hate. im a hateful person. i hate death. i hate many people. i hate those who get in my way.

What do you listen to?: puter fan. the other fan blowing warm air on me. im melting. listening to the cats playing, a noise driving me nuts.

What do you watch?: i watch movies i downloaded. mostly horror. im kinda stuck here staring at the screen.

What do you drink?: i like tea. my body hates caffeine, go figger.

What do you smoke?: smoking is just an accepted for of self injury, i stick to the non accepted forms.

What do you take?: xanax.

What do you believe in?: sometimes i believe in god. i wanna. altho my dark side screams out in pain cuz believing in god will kill who i am or part of who i am. but rather that then believe in nothing, which i do, but i dont wanna.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: my parents place. school. my friends place, i loved her place.

What were you?: a hippie by heart.

What did you wear?: boring clothes. i wasnt all too interested in what i was wearing. and i didnt have the courage to wear hippie clothes.

What did you listen to?: hippie music.

What did you watch?: tv. most stuff that wasnt comedy.

What did you love?: my cat.

What did you hate?: my parents.

What did you drink?: tea. tried wine at age 16, kinda pathetic and late in life.

What did you smoke?: didnt smoke.

What did you take?: took nothing.

What did you want to be?: a writer. i didnt succeed.

Who did you fight?: capitalists.

Who/What did you believe in?: socialism.

Where did you go?: library.

What did you learn?: how the capitalist world works. im glad i did. that im not conned.

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