Who Are You?: Jude Rogers, a young-ish Celt in love with the city

Where Are You?: East London, in a flat above the North London Line, looking out to Tower 42 and Centre Point as the day fades to dusk...

What Are You?: A 25-year-old girl with her head in the clouds.

What do you make?: A mess. Everwhere. I also make a magazine with my friend, Matt, called Smoke: A London Peculiar (www.smokelondon.co.uk). Try it. You might like it.

What do you love?: Sunny mornings. Early autumn. My boyfriend's face when he is sleeping. London stories. Barcelona. Johnny Cash. Mindless pop journalism.

What do you hate?: The usual - bigots, homophobes, the narrow-minded. Broad beans. Britney Spears.

What do you listen to?: Music in all its guises. Currently Teenage Fanclub, Adult and Marlena Shaw.

What do you watch?: Big Brother 4, far too much. It's like heroin.

What do you drink?: Lager tops on sunny evenings. Strong, black coffee in the mornings.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro Lights. Am down to about fifteen a week.

What do you take?: No fools.

What do you believe in?: The possibility of true, constant happiness.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Swansea.

What were you?: A diligent and swotty teen, hoping desperately for a kiss.

What did you wear?: Fixed braces. Band t-shirts. Navy Docs.

What did you listen to?: The Smiths, Joy Division, early REM, Blur, Pulp and Kraftwerk.

What did you watch?: The Chart Show. Repeatedly.

What did you love?: Buying the NME and listening to Mark and Lard.

What did you hate?: Not getting kisses. Until I did soon after. And then some.

What did you drink?: Newcastle Browns. I have worked downwards.

What did you smoke?: Nothing. I found smoking repulsive.

What did you take?: Still no fools.

What did you want to be?: The next Julie Burchill.

Who did you fight?: My little (now not so little) brother.

Who/What did you believe in?: That there might be something beyond it all. I soon grew up...

Where did you go?: Barons and The Indie Thing, terrible clubs in Old Swansea Town. To friend's houses to watch Chart Show videos and drink illicit spirits.

What did you learn?: How lovely it was to realise that each small, precious milestone met would become a happy memory, a memory that still stays pure and glorious.

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