Who Are You?: haven't figured out yet. maybe a twenty two years old boy that's becoming a man.

Where Are You?: in my apartment in a small town in Sweden called Karlstad.

What Are You?: a student. study economics at Karlstads university.

What do you make?: the semster is over so right now I don't make much.

What do you love?: my girlfriend and the sunny weather here in Sweden.

What do you hate?: I try not to hate but sometimes it's hard when you are with people.

What do you listen to?: Morrissey, bear quartet, the wake, the legends and the hidden cameras.

What do you watch?: the office

What do you drink?: beer and wather, wine sometimes.

What do you smoke?: Kent

What do you take?: life as it comes.

What do you believe in?: Dave Eggers' words.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: then I lived with my parents i Gothenburg.

What were you?: an unhappy teenager with no direction i life.

What did you wear?: the same as now. Lee jeans and a duffer of st Goerge t-shirt.

What did you listen to?: the smiths and morrissey and a swedish group called bob hund.

What did you watch?: commercials, I loved commercials.

What did you love?: I loved my room were I could listen to music and escape the world outside.

What did you hate?: myself and people that was popular.

What did you drink?: everything with alcohol.

What did you smoke?: the things I could get.

What did you take?: I don't know.

What did you want to be?: copywhriter.

Who did you fight?: I didn't fight anyone except myself.

Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in morrissey's words.

Where did you go?: to school everyday and to friends on the weekends.

What did you learn?: that there is a light that never goes out.

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