Who Are You?: Oh, it's a Boy.

Where Are You?: Surely and sadly not Home.

What Are You?: Less than a child.

What do you make?: Very little noise.

What do you love?: Moments and memories. Some pieces of some people.

What do you hate?: The facts, the rights, the breaks.

What do you listen to?: Fatigued females.

What do you watch?: Everything, but muted: the tv set is the new fireplace.

What do you drink?: Water, wine, G&T, martini+vodka, serenade, mystery drinks, beer when skint.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro Lights 100, Davidoffs, menthols when ill.

What do you take?: Sweets from strangers and cigarettes from friends.

What do you believe in?: Forgiving. Forgetting. Subtlety. Style. Lies. Pop music. And, sometimes, some sort of a Solution.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Honestly, I think I was in hell. Honestly, I think it helped.

What were you?: More than a child.

What did you wear?: The teenage uniform of jeans, shirts and trainers. Din't want trouble.

What did you listen to?: Orlando, Suede, the Smiths... oh, you Know.

What did you watch?: Lights changing. Body changing.

What did you love?: One day in the future.

What did you hate?: The way things were, and how helpless we were.

What did you drink?: Innocents. And spirits.

What did you smoke?: Grass, cigarettes.

What did you take?: Powders and pills.

What did you want to be?: An opera-singer or an orphan.

Who did you fight?: Friends, just for the kicks.

Who/What did you believe in?: God, when cornered.

Where did you go?: School, bedrooms, parties, church to read books in peace.

What did you learn?: Think twice, then say 'no'. Or 'why not?'.

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