Who Are You?: ob

Where Are You?: london

What Are You?: a little bit bored

What do you make?: rich people richer

What do you love?: my wife, my music, my football team..not always in that order

What do you hate?: see above

What do you listen to?: van morrison, pale fountains, athlete

What do you watch?: too much golf

What do you drink?: lager guinness wine vodka & grapefruit

What do you smoke?: other peoples

What do you take?: as much as poss.

What do you believe in?: that next season will be better than the last

When We Were 16

Where were you?: sunderland

What were you?: happy - ish

What did you wear?: my mothers red shirt (why??)

What did you listen to?: death cult, spear of destiny, smiths

What did you watch?: the tube, match of the day

What did you love?: 10p vodka nights at ku club on a tuesday

What did you hate?: lessons on a wednesday

What did you drink?: see above

What did you smoke?: my mams

What did you take?: the piss

What did you want to be?: not this

Who did you fight?: whoever they were, it wasnt worth it

Who/What did you believe in?: the westworld

Where did you go?: norwich

What did you learn?: tolerance

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