Who Are You?: The Man

Where Are You?: Work

What Are You?: A slave to my own ambition.

What do you make?: Words. Films.

What do you love?: My girl. My parents. My friends. Music. Art. Love.

What do you hate?: Ignorance. Inefficiency. Inconsistent weather.

What do you listen to?: The usual shit: Sonic Youth, Deep Dish, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, The Rapture, Aesop Rock, Cat Power.

What do you watch?: Films. 24.

What do you drink?: Beer. Wine. Spirits.

What do you smoke?: Weed.

What do you take?: Pills.

What do you believe in?: People.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Rural Leicestershire.

What were you?: Stupid.

What did you wear?: The standard-issue DMs-Levi's axis.

What did you listen to?: The Velvet Underground. Mudhoney. Soul II Soul.

What did you watch?: Films.

What did you love?: John Peel. My girl.

What did you hate?: Most of my peers. Rural Leicestershire.

What did you drink?: Special Brew. Vladivar.

What did you smoke?: Cigs and hash.

What did you take?: Nothing interesting.

What did you want to be?: A music journalist.

Who did you fight?: No-one.

Who/What did you believe in?: People. John Peel.

Where did you go?: Nowhere.

What did you learn?: Lots of good things actually.

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