Who Are You?: fat northerner

Where Are You?: liverpool

What Are You?: wannabe teacher

What do you make?: hopefully some kind of difference

What do you love?: cheese cider friends records family being and getting drunk some drugs almost all music small children

What do you hate?: heavy metal drug bores

What do you listen to?: everything and anything at all times except heavy metal and classical currently dexys nick drake ugly duckling eliza carthy

What do you watch?: neighbours big brother simpsons sopranos owt by the coens and wes anderson

What do you drink?: cider red wine white russians water milk teas

What do you smoke?: nowt makes me cough

What do you take?: pills cider eating gear mushrooms poppers

What do you believe in?: the ability to be good without the need for some kind of other being controlling our every move

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school home

What were you?: irritating 6th former

What did you wear?: good lord erm...crusty lite

What did you listen to?: levellers neds the pogues the beatles the pixies green mouse disaster

What did you watch?: vic n bob the simpsons

What did you love?: being 16

What did you hate?: most things that i didnt know about

What did you drink?: cider

What did you smoke?: nowt maked me cough

What did you take?: poppers

What did you want to be?: ?? i was 16 i didnt was to be anything

Who did you fight?: my sister other idiots not implying my sister is an idiot but well you know

Who/What did you believe in?: friends family

Where did you go?: the cherry bad partys

What did you learn?: not a lot

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