Who Are You?: Memory.

Where Are You?: A room somewhere in the vincinity of what they call Miami, Florida.

What Are You?: I am the manifestation of my imagination and dreams. A living work of art in progress.

What do you make?: I make dreams, art, and bodily secretions.

What do you love?: The ocean. The stars. Being myself. Strange experiences. Spontaneous adventures. Sharing special moments with special people. Crop circles. Discovery. And a great deal of other thing that would take too long to list them all.

What do you hate?: That there are a bunch of old and greedy men out there, who I have never met before in my entire life, with the power to dictate MY rights.

What do you listen to?: The constant buzz of sound around me.

What do you watch?: Anything interesting.

What do you drink?: Milk. Water. Various juices. Wine.

What do you smoke?: Marijuana.

What do you take?: Anything that'll improve life.

What do you believe in?: I'm not sure....

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Atlanta, Georgia.

What were you?: A girl who had finally realized that life is nothing but a dream.

What did you wear?: Scarves, unmatching socks, funky skirts, clothes that did not match.

What did you listen to?: The constant buzz of sound around me.

What did you watch?: Anything I found interesting.

What did you love?: Being myself. Discovering new ways to percieve reality.

What did you hate?: Anything that held back my freedom.

What did you drink?: Milk. Water. Various juices and alchoholic beverages.

What did you smoke?: Cigarettes, cigars, marijuana.

What did you take?: Anything you wanted to give me.

What did you want to be?: Completely free.

Who did you fight?: My family.

Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing.

Where did you go?: Wherever my dreams took me.

What did you learn?: That life truely is whatever you make it.

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