Who Are You?: me, myself and i

Where Are You?: in a house on an island in a small kingdom

What Are You?: thinking about turning in sick tomorrow

What do you make?: to few children

What do you love?: my kid, my wife and some other stuff

What do you hate?: dont think i hate anything

What do you listen to?: cds mostly, sometimes vinyl, seldom minidisc - most of it contains music of some sort

What do you watch?: a documentary about a swedish jazzpianist, who lived a normal life, learned to swing by Stan Getz' bassplayer in copenhagen, died when he crashed fulfrontal into a bus on a winterday on his way to the station to catch a train to some city where he was going to play a concert in a church

What do you drink?: applejuice, cola, water, bloodorangelemonade, wine and beer

What do you smoke?: i stopped because i am not stupid any more

What do you take?: painkillers

What do you believe in?: love and future and electricity

When We Were 16

Where were you?: somewhere on an island in a small kingdom

What were you?: thinking about the last time a was drunk og thinking about the next time a was gonna be drunk

What did you wear?: no glasses, lots of clothes and shoes on my feet

What did you listen to?: vinyl all the time, the big ones with good looking covers and some cassettes

What did you watch?: girls

What did you love?: nothing

What did you hate?: almost everybody and everything

What did you drink?: beer

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: somebody else

Who did you fight?: i didnt fight, but some guys seemed to like to fight me

Who/What did you believe in?: the past and electricity

Where did you go?: to school

What did you learn?: how to spot the difference in a helvetica and a univers-font

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