Who Are You?: PC aka Tornerose

Where Are You?: At the office, downtown (if there is such a thing) Oslo

What Are You?: Bored since there's nothing to do at the moment, slighty worried cuz I might lose my job next week

What do you make?: Beautifully designed ads, brochures, websites etc., promoting senseless products

What do you love?: Much of life, my beautiful girlfriend, my unborn baby (2 months left), life affirming music, uncompromising Asian cinema, good people, great places

What do you hate?: The fact that our leaders are intent on destroying the world

What do you listen to?: Music that moves me, engages me, surprises me; music made out of love of music (as opposed to love of money + fame)

What do you watch?: People

What do you drink?: Real ale, red wine

What do you smoke?: Rothmans

What do you take?: 5

What do you believe in?: Souls united

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school, or down the record shop when i could afford it, Oslo

What were you?: A sad, proud, arrogant outsider

What did you wear?: Levis and a t-shirt

What did you listen to?: Punk, Postcard

What did you watch?: Horror movies I expect

What did you love?: Music, being an outsider

What did you hate?: Being an outsider (none of the good looking girls would come near me...)

What did you drink?: Pils, Baccardi

What did you smoke?: Hadn't started yet

What did you take?: Drugs were considered dangerous back then

What did you want to be?: Respected and adored

Who did you fight?: Parents

Who/What did you believe in?: Faith at 16?!?

Where did you go?: Copenhagen

What did you learn?: To aquire a life

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