Who Are You?: a swami...in a tree

Where Are You?: chicago, il

What Are You?: a small child over the age of sixty

What do you make?: handprocessed films and love, lots of love

What do you love?: making hand processed films and out

What do you hate?: anger

What do you listen to?: my obsessions

What do you watch?: people, walking people

What do you drink?: vodka lemonades

What do you smoke?: american spirit lights

What do you take?: punches in the stomach ,quite well

What do you believe in?: sand

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in the passenger seat of my boyfriends pickup

What were you?: a dreamer

What did you wear?: baggy jeans, hair dye

What did you listen to?: smashing pumpkins, pavement, pink floyd, the trees

What did you watch?: movies with tim roth in them

What did you love?: my friends, sunrise after all night

What did you hate?: those other kids

What did you drink?: coffee

What did you smoke?: pot

What did you take?: acid, mushrooms, anger

What did you want to be?: a poet, drunk, an artist, to have a sure voice

Who did you fight?: my mom

Who/What did you believe in?: tom wolfe, timothy leary, allen ginsberg, kurt cobain, william blake, anyone in a band

Where did you go?: to atlanta, to new york, neworleans, my room to dance

What did you learn?: how to kiss, how to run under the stars at night

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